‘Hailesa’ is the rhythmic chant that is meant to encourage workers when they are indulged in heavy tiresome work. Ironically in the theatre featuring the movie with the same title, it is the viewers who were regularly shouting this slogan, without having nerves of steel to bear this film. This latest movie from ‘Hailesa’ is definitely a waste of time, money and off course, the raw stock and fitting contribution to the year’s Mollywood industry which is creating with a vengeance, duds after duds, to keep away the last of the regular viewer from the halls.

The movie modeled like the comedy hits of the nineties has Suresh Gopi in the leads as Unnikrishanan, an orphan, reared by his foster father Madhavan who run a fertilizer plant. Due to some local scuffle, he is forced to leave the village and to take up a job as an assistant to Ganapathy Iyer (Lalu Alex), a handicapped millionaire. Unnikrishnan, who is a school dropout, is ready to engage in fisticuffs whenever situation demands. He with his friend Ulpalaakshan (Suraj Venjaaramoodu) gives word to Aiyer that they will find him, his wife and child who went missing years ago. And when they find it difficult to accomplish, they present a girl Shalini (Muktha) before Aiyer as his estranged daughter. Quite happy with the developments, Aiyer immediately plans to marry off Shalini his friend’s son settled in the U.S. Thereafter, the old mistaken identity game is placed to ensure every associated chaos, till the end.

In this weird storyline, the capricious screenplay turns this intended comedy to be a tragedy for the hapless viewers. The buffoonery is accentuated by the presence of an idiotic police officer (Cochin Haneefa, as you expected), and his out of the world observations.

The direction is bad with all the actors screaming their lungs out. After such duds like ‘Kichamani MBA’, ‘Suresh Gopi has once again proved that comedy is definitely not his forte. His macho mannerism is hardly vulnerable to play such lighter roles. Muktha appear weak and uncomfortable, to be in the company of lead man. Suraj venjaaramoodu and Bheeman Raghu manage to create some sparkles of quality wits at times but the majority of their attempts go in vain to shake the funny bone. Even those who may applaud for most of the crap will feel an immediate urge to hurry to the exit, witnessing the proceedings in the hospital towards the climax.

We don’t feel this type of moviemaking without a body or soul will prove any good to the industry. It’s high time we get encouraged by the changing trends for quality creations that have now become a regular practice with our neighbors in Kollywood or even in Bollywood.

Banner:    Kichu Films
Cast:    Suresh Gopi, Muktha, Thilakan, Bijukuttan,
Suraj Venjaramodu, Vijayaraghavan, Cochin Haneefa,
Machan Varghese, Shobha Mohan,Lalu Alex, Salimkumar
Direction:    Thaha
Production:    Jagadheesh Chandran
Music:    Ouseppachan

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