No two ways about it, director Raj Babu’s Colours is an exercise in vain. Watching this ridiculous misadventure makes one wonder why such films are being made at all. Without a credible storyline or script, this film is a mish mash of some idiotic incidents, narrated in a drab manner.

The whole film is set in a military backdrop and the main focus is on the escapades of a tomboy, Pinky (Roma), the younger daughter of Lt.Col.Dr. Rajalakshmi (Saranya). Pinky is the anchor of a popular show, modeled on comedy shows like the MTV Bakra for instance, in a local channel. Pinky shares a thick bond with her elder sister Pooja (Bhama) and her grandpa, played by Innocent.

There are a number of sub-plots being narrated in between. Like, the drama that ensues after Rajalakshmi complains about the fraudulent acts of some of her subordinates, Pinky’s adventures with the hidden camera, the liking that her friend Rahul (Vinu Mohan) has for her and even the idiotic buffoonery involving Harisree Asokan, Cochin Haneefa etc.

Things take an different turn just before the intermission, as Lt.Com. Sanjaynath (Dileep), makes his appearance on a bike. With the two beautiful girls, a smart Navy officer and another young man in the picture, the climax of Colours is predictable quite early. And this dreary fare never surprises with any imaginative turnarounds as well.

It is amazing why no one connected with the film felt that there is no story worth telling in Colours. With clichéd lines, slapstick humour and amateurish direction, the film falls apart in most departments, except perhaps for the visuals and the music, which are just okay in parts.

Though all the actors have hammed it up in a big way, it is Roma who has perhaps rendered the worst performance of them all. Her mannerisms, body language and even her dubbing are plainly atrocious by all means. She has been the obvious choice of the makers to play the bubbly girl role in Malayalam films for a while, but here her actions are just irritating to the core.

Dileep has a brief role, but he sleep walks throughout. The rest of the cast repeats what they have done throughout the career, in their own respective styles. Vinu Mohan and Bhama have been wasted in roles which have no consequence whatsoever in the story.

Colours is a faux pas in every count, a film that has been made without any purpose or plot. At these times when Indians are so close to winning an Oscar, films like these are nothing less than a shame!

Banner:    Sunitha Productions.
Cast:    Dileep, Roma, Cochin Haneefa, Sadhique,
Venkat Bose, Innocent, Jayakrishnan, Maya Viswanath
Direction:    Raj Babu
Production:    M Mani
Music:    Suresh Peters

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