Happy Days

happyBanner: Amigos Creations Pvt. Ltd Cast: Varun Sandesh, Nikhil, Raahul, Vamsi Krishna, Gayatri Rao, MonaliChowdhary,Sonia

Direction: Sekhar Kammula

Production: Sekhar Kammula Music: Micky J Meyer



happy Happy Days is a movie that has happiness and goodness writ all over it. Every scene drips entertainment and values. Watching the movie makes you feel good and noble about you. I sincerely wished that the movie Happy Days never ended and had to drag myself out of the theatre as the curtains closed on the silver screen. If that doesn’t help in qualifying the movie as a good one then consider these factors: the movie is clean with very little violence. It adds a whip of freshness to the art of filmmaking. As like all of Sekhar Kamula’s movies, Happy Days is very much a neat piece of artwork that reflects life, campus life to be precise. At the same time the movie has not divorced social responsibility out. Sekhar Kamula is a sensitive filmmaker that has taken up the goal of making clean and sensible entertainers. After Anand and Godavari he scores again with Happy Days. Make one movie a year: Is it the mantra of Sekhar for good filmmaking? May be yes; because, he made Anand in 2005, Godavari in 2006, and now Happy Days. Sekhar has the amazing ability of making arty kind of movies with tremendous box office potential. All his movies have picturesque scenes and enthralling music. This time he takes Mickey J Meyer instead of Radhakrishna to score soft tunes and avoid getting repetitive.happy Conforming to his brand of movies, Happy Days truly reflects campus life. The eight fresher of Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology (Sekhar’s alma mater) are typical students of any engineering college. Happy Days, that’s part autobiographical and part imagination, revolves around these eight fresher as they go through regular campus life experiences that include: studies, ragging, love, friendship, betrayal in love and friendship, and career concerns. With Happy Days Sekhar Kamula writes Telugu film history quietly and yet authoritatively. Here is a director that dares to take a totally different happyapproach to movie making and story telling. It’s a wonder what Sekhar has done with seven raw talents that had hardly faced the camera before. He extracts the best from these greenhorns and makes the characters as real as it’s possible. The entire Telugu film industry that made totally unrealistic and bizarre student themed movies replete with mindless violence should sit and watch Happy Days. There are a lot of things to be learnt from the movie. The viewers must watch Happy Days to take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane and recollect the sweet as well as bittersweet memories. For those that are still in college, Happy Days can provide a newer perspective of their campus lives. And what better excuse can one get than watching Happy Days to cozy up with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and experience real happy times.

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