Happy Journey Review

happy journey

Boban Samuel became ‘Janapriyan’ again through his latest movie ‘Happy journey’.In his previous films Romans and Janapriyan , Boban can entertained audience by natural comedy but in Happy journey Boban gives most importance to the feelings of human beings and their emotions . The director won to express a blind mans visions and his ambitions through this beautiful movie, Happy Journey.

As per the caption in poster we are all expecting a comedy entertainer like Janpriyan and Romans .But the latest Malayalam movie Happy journey handled an entirely different subject related to family .This movie is a clear cut family entertainer and sometimes, some scenes made our eyes tearful.

The story tells about a blind man Aron’ s ( Jayasurya) love for cricket. He was not a blind by birth. At his childhood he enjoyed his favorite cricket very well. His mother (Lena ) was also very supportive.Her wish was to entertain Aron ‘ s interest in cricket. She also thought that their financial problems must not affect Aron’ s cricket future at any cost. Aron joined a coaching center.He was preparing for join the under 15 cricket team. At that time he became blind due to an accident. But his internal sight become more strong and he wished to make an entry Indian blinds cricket team.

The movie starts with a journey of Aron to Chennai with a cricket bat and during the journey he meets Siya ( Aparna Nair) .Lal is living as the character Gopalakrishnan , a cricket coach in this movie. Balu is playing Aron’s cousin character and Chemban Vinod and Tony are his team mates.

Aasiq Usman, the producer of Happy Journey deserves good applause to take a brilliant attempt . Boban Samuel again proved as a successful director .The music department is safe in Gopi Sundar’ s hand and Jayasurya also sung a beautiful song in this movie after Punyalan Agarbathies . We can see a healthy competition with sound and visual team in this movie . Cinematography and the editing of Happy Journey is also to be mentioned with its brilliant script .

Jayasurya performed his best in the movie Happy Journey and succeeded a hat trick after Punyalan Agarbathies and ‘Philips and the Monkey Pen’ .We can see the acting carrier after his new generation movies . The co-actors Aparna, Lena,Srinda, Lalu Alex, Lal, Balu etc did their job successfully.

In one sentence , we can say Jayasurya’ s Happy journey will give Happy journey to the hearts of the audience and their human feelings…

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