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Cast: Mohanlal, Parvathi Milton, Madhu, Siddique, Jagadhish, Madhu Warrior, Keerikkadan Jose, Spadikam George, Salim Kumar, Beeman Reghu, Rizabava, Ganesh Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu
Direction: Rafi Mecartin
Production: Joy Thomas Sakthikulangara
Music: Alex Paul, Vayalar Sarath


The film belongs to Mohanlal; it is his breezy performance as the semi-conscious drunkard with some witty dialogues


thrown in that never gives us a dull moment in the first half. He gets ample support from Jagathy Sreekumar, his friend with a limp in one leg.

The second half is a bit of a letdown as it gives soap-opera-ish feel with stock characters — Salim Kumar handles the comic track, Siddique (with a bald pate and menacing clean-shaven look), Risa Bawa and Shaiju Kurup as the villainous trio, and Madhu, the wise patriarch.

The film which flows into two and a half hours belongs to Mohanlal, the one man entertainment troupe, who shoulders

the weight of the heavy twists in the plots, all by himself. He is thoroughly adorable and endlessly endears himself with his sensitivity and comic timing and easy-going camaraderie with Jagathy Sree Kumar his friend with a limp in one leg.

Adds color and vitality to the film, the performances from the entire cast is commendable. Debutante Parvathy Milton has proven that she is not just a pretty face and impress particularly with her dancing skills. Siddhique with his moreimg184/3720/hello0607072mx5.jpg than menacing looks and Suraj as an S I do their roles effectively while Risa Bawa, Shaiju Kurup, Madhu Warrier, Janardhanan and Ganeshkumar are in their usual self.
The second half is a bit of a letdown and drags in and around stock characters — The film often defies logic in their story lines, but who cares for logic in such a racy comedy. The murder mystery is solved by the hero in a long drawn out dialogue drama in the end reminding you of a similar longer sequence line.

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