Banner: Sumanth Arts Productions
Cast: Siddharth, Ileana
Direction: V.N.Adhitya
Production: M.S.Raju
Music: Devi Sri Prasad


Producer MS Raju had a continuous streak of hits and earned the name of ‘Sankranti Raju’, as almost all his films that were released during Sankranthi were big hits. However, his last flick Pournami was an utter flop, putting a break to the continuous winning streak. Taking this failure as a challenge, he has produced Aata with young hero Siddhartha and the hottest heroine of Telugu cinema Ileana in the lead. Though he took his own time in completing the film, it has given him a big solace with people started talking that it would become a hit right from the morning show.

Srikrishna alias Sri (Siddhartha) is the son of Seshagiri (Saratbabu), a projector operator in a film theatre. Once Sri takes a film to screen in a village fair, where he meets a girl called Satya (Ileana). Some goons and police are after her and Sri volunteers to save her. Sri learns from Satya that Vicky (Munna), son of Home Minister (Jayaprakash Reddy), whoimg119/2149/atta2ek7.jpg was a crook, wanted to marry her. In fact, Vicky rapes and murders a girl against whom Satya takes up an agitation with the help of students. However, Vicky escapes from punishment with the help of his father. In order to take revenge, Vicky decides to marry her. Sri, however, takes her straight to Vicky’s house. Later, he makes Vicky a puppet by challenging him to win the love of Satya first. Sri makes Vicky to play to his tunes. However, he gets caught when he tried to marry her first, with the help of Sastry (Brahmanandam), a purohit. Vicky thrashes Sri severely, but Sri takes away Satya and teaches him a lesson with the help of students, who reopened the rape and murder case by sending SMSs en masse to the judge. The film ends with the union of Sri and Satya.

Siddhartha walked away with honours with his impeccable and youthful performance. His comedy timing, his ease in dances, extreme ease in performance, casual body language is worth watching on the big screens. While the first half runs with a perfect screenplay and with escape drama, the entire second is devoted to show the glamorous side of the heroine. Ileana did not show any inhibition in pouring out her glamour. Cinematographer Chota K Naidu stuck his camera towards the belly button, her fine-shaped waist, and other spots. This would definitely attract the youth (especially the teenagers). Music is another major asset for the film. Devisri Prasad’s tunes and perfect choreography of songs were the highlights of the movie.img260/4210/aatarev09053cuu2.jpg

The story is quite weak. It is an age-old story. But for the novel treatment, the film had nothing new in it. Some characters like Ravibabu were unnecessary. Sayaji Shinde’s character was also not etched well. The screenplay in the second half was bailed out though the director was able to run it efficiently with his directorial capability.

The film bagged good word of mouth right from the morning show that it would become a hit. Brahmanandam’s comedy is worth watching. Another major and surprising point is that the comedy track is very healthy and not vulgar. Though Ileana’s glamour was used to the maximum extent, it looked quite interesting to see her rather than unnecessary exposure. The film is also good technically with the use of Digital Intermediate technology in songs. Two of the songs are romantic and it is a feast to the eyes to watch glamour girl Ileana.

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