Hrithik Roshan cried after hearing ‘Guzaarish’ script

When director Sanjay Leela Bhansali approached Hrithik to play a magician who’s bound to his wheelchair after a near fatal accident in his film Guzaarish, the actor had his doubts. Not that he doubted Bhansali’s ability, but Hrithik doubted his own mettle to play the role with full conviction.

“I was skeptical about the role because I was evolved enough as an actor and was apprehensive whether I’d be able to translate his creative genius onscreen. But when Mr Bhansali narrated the script, he had me crying and laughing at the same time and I couldn’t wait to start working,” Hrithik said about bagging the role in the film which releases today.

In order to prepare for his role, Hrithik actually met a lot of paraplegics and quadriplegics.

“Meeting those people who have survived and found happiness against all odds was most inspiring to me,” Hrithik said.

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