I am an instinctive person, not a planner: Kajol

Bollywood actress Kajol prefers to take the hype and expectations surrounding her movies as a compliment to her intelligence and choice. “I like it and am very happy. Instead of trying to live up to the people’s expectations, I feel I should continue to depend upon what I feel is right…I am an instinctive person and not a planner,” Kajol, who will be next seen in ‘We are Family’, Karan Johar’s Hindi remake of ‘Stepmom’, said.

The 35-year-old actor, who plays a mother of three in the movie, told ,”I don’t deny my age and I want to do what I am today. I don’t intend to play a 16-year-old on screen.” “After marriage, a woman’s priorities change and it is normal. I consider it as a progression and not stopping your life. Work is part of your life. I like to balance everything.

Too much of everything is not good. I was always picky and choosy,” Kajol said on her movie selection. The spontaneous actress saw her husband Ajay Devgn’s latest movie “Once Upon a time in Mumbaai” and loved it.

“I think I have trained him very well,” she said in a lighter vein. “I credit my husband with what has happened in my career. And I take some credit for his success too.”

Speaking about ‘Stepmom’, Kajol said she watched the Julia Roberts-Susan Sarandon starrer many years ago and did not see it again after signing the movie, directed by Sidharth Malhotra and releasing on September 3. “I did’t want Stepmom to influence me. Maya is a different character from the original one. Yet there are similarities,” she said.

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