I can solve problems better than Raj Thackeray: Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is big-mouthed, they say. The celebrity item girl, who will soon play agony aunt in a new reality show Rakhi Ka Insaaf, claims she has better solutions to Mumbai’s growing migrant population than Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray.

“Come to my show, I’ll even solve that. I’ll solve it better than our friend Raj Thackeray,” she said when asked about a solution to the growing number of outsiders coming into Mumbai.

The 31-year-old, who was speaking at an event held to launch her new show on Imagine TV where Rakhi will solve issues of the common man, says she has raised her voice for many issues in Mumbai. She is a Maharashtrian herself.

“There are a lot of issues in our society. I have been raising my voice from day one. No one knows me better than the media. I have barged into BMC’s (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) office to get road construction done.

“There are no problems that I haven’t solved. The media knows it. Name me one celebrity who has barged into BMC commissioner’s office to ask them to mend your road,” she said.

Rakhi is appalled with the governance in the city and is particularly against Thackeray’s resistance to migrants from other states residing and working in the financial and entertainment capital of India.

“Angoothachaap log baithhe hain wahaan (Uneducated people are sitting at the helm of affairs). There are so many people who know nothing. They don’t use their brain even.

“I don’t think like Raj Thackeray…that anyone from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar or anywhere who comes to Mumbai is an outsider. This country, as well as this state, is of the god and the people living in it are all god’s children. I don’t believe in differentiating between Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian – we are all one, and Mumbai is for everyone. Everyone can earn their living here,” said Rakhi.

Rakhi is seldom in a serious mood, and is known more for her outrageous publicity stunts. But this time round, she is serious.

The glamour girl, who has been seen in films like Main Hoon Naa and Dil Bole Hadippa, item numbers such as Dekhta hai tu kya and in reality shows Nach Baliye, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Pati, Patni Aur Woh, is also up in arms against certain issues which she feels must be solved by Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.

“If I meet Ashok Chavan, I will ask him – when the rains come, why do the roads get flooded? Despite spending so much money and taking so much tax from the citizens, why? Throughout the year roads are being made…sometimes they are made 10 times, then why is there waterlogging? What is the problem?

“Secondly, why so much tax? Why are people paying huge taxes? Rich people will still survive with their black money, but where will the poor go? Those who earn Rs.50 or Rs.20 per day…where will they go? Should poor people be removed from this country? Should they die? Should only the rich live? Don’t poor have a right to live?” she said in angst.

She is extremely excited about being given a platform like Rakhi Ka Insaaf to offer solutions to the common people for their personal problems like extra-marital affairs, alcoholic husband, atrocities by in-laws and wife beating.

Rakhi said she will give solutions to people in her unique style, which is bold, honest, and forthright.

“I have lived a very tough life. I have seen ‘dukh’, ‘sukh’, ‘kathinaayi’ (sadness, happiness and difficulty) and overcome it all. I have always fought for my right and that too honestly. So I feel I will be able to connect very well with the victims of such problems, and provide solutions through my heart,” she said.

She said her show is not about giving legal justice to people. It is for those who want to amicably resolve their domestic issues without getting entangled in the web of court proceedings.

“I am no police, I don’t even have any educational degree, but I have a degree in life management…so that, and my belief in god will help me suggest the right solutions to those who approach me on the show,” she said.

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