I fight with almighty – Dr Bharathi

The charismatic actress of yesteryears and wife of Dr Vishnuvaradhan – Bharathi Vishnuvaradhan at the ‘Belli Hejje’ interaction session organized by Karnataka Chanachitra Academy disclosed that she picks up quarrel with almighty in her mind while discussing the happenings that have come to her in life.

Very philosophical like Dr Vishnuvaradhan when he was making speeches, his wife also showed fingers at the sky and stated that ‘Almighty is the real mighty person’. He is the ultimate winner and knows what he wants to give for everyone in life, she adds.

”I always feel that it is in difficulty we become powerful and strong. It is from the experience of my four and half decades stay in professional life”, she recounted. “I did not want to become an actress. I was much interested in athletics, singing and dancing. But my father Raghavachar had seen something and on the insistence of Chinni Sampath master, the famous choreographer brought me to Madras (now Chennai). From the first film I became a heroine and things went on for better in my life. The state award, national award for ‘Sandhya Raga’ and scores of other awards kept me happy”, she pointed.

Dr Bharathi Vishnuvaradhan taking a look at the Kannada cinema industry says, “There is no unity among us”. In other film industries the different walks of film field join very easily and show strength. That is what is lacking in Kannada film industry”, she says.

No one can escape fate in life. The destiny in my life was good and bad she pointed at one stage of her two hours interaction session.

”We are Indians first. Let us all protect our nation instead of giving it to others hands. This is what everyone should think”, said Dr Bharathi who was born on the Independence day in 1948.

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