I love Chennai for Rajni Sir and Marina Beach: Deepika

Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone, termed by an opinion poll to be the ‘sexiest Indian woman’, has said that she loves Chennai for two reasons: one for the city being the residence of superstar Rajnikanth and the second being the scenic beauty of the Marina Beach.

Deepika Padukone was in Chennai yesterday to take part in many programmes as part of fulfilling her commitments to endorsing commercial products. The actress took part in a function at the MOB Vaishnav Women’s College in Nungambakkam and then spoke to journalists in a free-wheeling chat.

“I had been to this city many a time in the past and have some fond memories. I love this city for two major reasons: first is, this is the place of residence of superstar Rajnikanth of whom I’m a great fan; the second thing is that it has the ever-beautiful Marina Beach. I can’t describe in words as to how much I love Rajni. First, I’m a huge fan of him and then only I’m an actress. If I ever get a chance to pair up opposite him, I’d feel blessed.

“During my brief period in Bollywood, I have played so many different characters in Bollywood. If I get to act with Rajni Sir, it would be a great recognition for me in the film industry,” said Deepika, who looked as swashbuckling as ever.

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