I love my job and I am honest to it:Tamannaah

Tamannaah’s debut film in Tamil Kedi did not rake in the moolah nor did she become the kind of proverbial star overnight. The pretty young Sindhi girl worked very hard to master the language, chose the correct projects and having lady luck by her side, she made it big and is today the numero uno star in Tamil.

It’s very easy to confuse her demure body language and mindless giggles, but beneath all that, there is a brain that works against conventional wisdom and has the clarity about things that she strongly believes in.

In this extremely candid conversation, Tammu denies news doing the rounds that she is asking for hefty salary and is hence avoiding films in Tamil and lots more.

There are reports in the media that you asking for a hefty salary in Tamil. Please comment?
That’s not true at all. For me, money is important but not more than working in a good project. Its the script and other factors which matter to me most.

But then why did you decide against doing Vettai ?
First and foremost, I read the news in the media that I am in Vettai, before anyone even contacted me. I really wonder who spread the news, which was very unfortunate. And later I came down and heard the script and really liked it. But when it came to dates, there was an issue. I am currently doing two projects in Telugu and one in Tamil. I will be starting work on Hari sir’s film with Dhanush soon and I have also signed another film with NTR for director Surendar Reddy. So how do I accommodate Vettai ?

But sources close to Vettaai say that you didn’t want to do the film ?
I respect Lingusamy sir and loved working with him in Paiyya. But it was not possible for me to accommodate the film as my immediate priority is to the films that I have signed. Right now, I am overloaded with commitments.

You have been in the news for quite sometime for your linkup with Karthi?
When you in the limelight, be it any profession, you are vulnerable to such gossips, which I take it in my stride. I don’t need to clarify or deny such news as they are a part and parcel of my profession and nothing seem to bother me right now other than my work. I love my job and I am honest to it.

Your last two releases Sura and Thillalangadi did not create any ripples at the box-office?
I have had my share of hits and misses and in films who doesn’t have ups and downs? I have no complaints and will continue to do good work.

So have to started loving Hyderabad more?
I am from Mumbai, but today Chennai and Hyderabad are my home. As I don’t venture out, go clubbing or partying, both the cities are same to me and I love them.

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