Ileana secret meeting with Puri Jagannath

All the hopes built up by Ileana on strong come back with ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ are drowned down by delayed release of film. Puri Jagannath’s special interest focusing on new glamour quotient of Ileana didn’t go smooth as per plan. Apparently reason behind the liberal postponements of flick is the importance of Ileana’s character over Rana.

The cine folks say Puri highlighted Ileana in total movie forgetting to show heroism in Rana to the same level. This disturbed Rana and his father Suresh Babu, once they saw the first rushes of film. Though Rana pressured Puri Jagannath for re-shooting and re-editing of major part, there was no response from director who believes that everything was up to the script. Producer stayed neutral without loosing balance and finally movie is gossiped to hit screens on 4th of next month without the presence of Puri in Hyderabad. One night before leaving to Mumbai, both Ileana and Puri are heard caught up in a secret meeting to discuss the fate of ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’. Same sources say Puri consoled Ileana for the whole night promising her to offer good roles in forthcoming films. Finally, Rakshasi is convinced.

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