Ileana’s all-time favourite roles

HYDERABAD: “The role of Simran played by Kajol Devgan in the film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ is my favourite one. Kajol has influenced me a lot,” says Ileana, “She didn’t just play the role in the film. She lived it. And it wasn’t just Kajol, everybody in the film did a wonderful job. That’s the reason the film stood as a classic. I’m great fan of Kajol. Once upon a time, Shah Rukh Khan was my favourite actor. After that Hrithik Roshan was my favourite one and now I adore Saif Ali Khan.”

Ask her who her favourite Telugu star is, and the actress is a whole lot more reticent. “Please don’t irk me with such questions. All the Telugu actors are my favourite ones. Everybody has his own talent.”

Looks like when it comes to her colleagues and co-stars, she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers by playing favourites!

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