I’m not in love, asserts Poorna

Actress Poorna, who has had her ‘Aadupuli’ releasing a week back, has asserted that she is not in ‘love’ with her co-star Aadhi.

‘Aadupuli’, which released last week, is said to be doing well at the box office, which is good news for the actress. Often compared to Asin for her looks, Poorna debuted as heroine in director Thirumurugan’s ‘Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu’ opposite Bharath a few years back.

Unit sources of ‘Aadupuli’ say on condition of anonymity that there was something ‘more than meets the eye’ in respect of Poorna’s association with Aadhi. “Their proximity continued even after the shoot was over,” said a source, not wanting to be named.

While Aadhi badly needs a hit after the not-so-successful ‘Ayyanar’, Poorna too is in need of a hit to sustain her standing after last year’s average ‘Drohi’. With both of them at the crossroads of their career, it remains to be seen how the ‘love bug’ that has reportedly bitten them leads them further in their respective careers.

“Aadhi is a soft-spoken nice individual. I’m happy about the comments I hear about our pairing being ‘perfect’ and the chemistry between us looking ‘sizzling’ on-screen. I was very comfortable working with him and found him to be a person with a great sense of humour.

“I don’t bother about what’s written about us. At present, we are very close friend and I can’t speculate whether the friendship might transform into love in future,” concludes Poorna, flashing her ‘wisdom’ tooth.

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