Immini Nalloral



: Jayasurya, Navya Nair, Salim Kumar, Janardhanan, Bindu Panikkar, Siddique, Madhu Warrier.


: Rajasenan


: M. Jayachandran


: Girish Puthenchery



it is the story of a day dreamer whose dream happens to come true but, causes him a lot of pain and suffering.

Jeevan (Jayasurya) is a day dreamer. He is a crazy fan of Sneha (Navya), a beautiful film actress. His dream is to become a film star and be in love with her.

One day, Sneha comes to his village for the shooting of a film. Jeevan is thrilled and tries his best to help the production team in whichever way he could. By luck, he gets a chance to play a hero’s dupe in a wedding scene and marry Sneha.

Jeevan believes that he is really married to Sneha and starts to follow her around. His father and mother (Janardhanan and Bindu Panikkar) encourages him with his cause. He falls madly in love with Sneha but she has no interest in him. One day, he kidnap her from a shooting site and takes her to a forest. She tries to escape but couldn’t.

In the meantime the production company files a complaint with the police. The police catches Jeevan and beats him up very badly. Jeevan becomes a mental patient and is admitted in a psychiatric hospital. The story takes a turn when Sneha feels sorry for Jeevan. Will Sneha and Jeevan fall for each other? Will Jeevan’s dream come true?

Veteran director Rajasenan spins a different type of love story through this film. The movie has no reality but has some entertainment value. The song and dance sequences are good. But the dialogues and script leaves much to be desired. Jayasurya puts up a decent performance. Navya looks beautiful and does her part well. Rest of the cast is ok. But the script sets down all their efforts to save the film. Moral of the story “Be careful of what you wish for”.


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