Mani in Ravanan

Director: Jojo K. Verghese
Producer: Aroma Mani
Cast: Kalabhavan Mani,Jagathy Sreekumar,Madhu Warrier, Sudhish, Nishant Sagar,Nemom Pushparaj, Sreejith, Kollam Thulasi, Madhu, Rajan P.Dev, and Megha Jasmine.
Music: M. Jayachandran
Lyrics: Kaithapram

The makers of Ravanan – A Kalabhavan Mani starrer, have many reasons to smile. Primary one being the right audience, that they have addressed to have come in loads to run the film on roads. A systematic story telling not so embarrassing script, better cinematography and Mani in his right elements- these are the highlights of the M.Mani owned Sunitha productions 54th film – Ravanan.

A not too different detective story with right punches and turn arounds , good action and fast cuts will help Kalabhavan Mani to deliver another hit after Ben Johnson. Even the sub characters who show a teleserial moods at times go unnoticed as the film is told in a straighter , simpler but faster way.

The basic plot is inspired from the real life stories of the most popular police officer in kerala , Rishiraj Singh. Sharing some shades of this real cop, who camouflages himself to detect corruption among his own policeman, Kalabhavan Mani presents himself as Varghese IPS , a macho, superactive , tricky police officer, who is known for his hard hitting actions known as the Ravanan effect. Here he is deployed to find answers to two murders- one of a minister and other of a senior judge- which has created questionable problems to the govt.

Jagathy Sreekumar , as usual have provided enough spice for laughter, as a corrupt policeman assisting the hero. The script which loses its tempo at times, has certainly managed to deliver Mani’s strong points to its proceedings.

Jojo.k. Varghese shows promise in his directorial debut which have not gone ‘out of control’.The director has succeeded in giving the film a feel of big movie, even though it is shot in a shoestring budjet, in and around the city of Trivandrum.img264/7831/ravanan2kq6.jpg

The other casts in the film include Madhu, Rajan .P.Dev, Augustin , Madhu Warrier, Nishanth Sagar, and Sudheesh. Scripted by Biju devassy and cinematographed by Venugopalan, Ravanan is sure to reap its profits in a short run, as is the case of every other Mani films.
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