Imran Khan to Shoot in Ladies Compartment

Imran Khan travels in ladies compartment to shoot for Television commercial on valentine’s day leaving his few weeks old wife Avantika Malik.

Imagine you are surrounded by girls and ladies all around you on the all important Valentine Day. That’s precisely what happened to Bollywood star Imran Khan as he had to board the ladies compartment of a local train in Mumbai to shoot for a Television commercial for a soft drink company.

Going by the script of the commercial, Imran had to get into the ladies compartment of a local train at the Goregaon station of the Mumbai city.

The commercial will show the Bollywood star running to catch a local train in Mumbai. Finally, when he manages to catch one, he realizes, that he has got into a ladies compartment.

Whereas any male actor would have been thrilled to do such advertisement with all those beautiful ladies surrounding, probably Imran had a different view purely because of the day on which it has been shot. This was the first Valentine Day for Imran and his wife Avantika, after they tied the knot just a few weeks back. Moreover, since due to Imran’s busy schedule, the newly wed couple hadn’t had the opportunity of leaving for their Honeymoon as well, they would have loved to spend the entire day together on the Valentine Day but probably the shooting of the commercial spoiled the entire plan.

As far as endorsing brands are concerned, Imran is following the footsteps of his Mamu Aamir Khan. He is very selective about his endorsements but the Coke campaign that Imran has taken-up has got so popular that due to the fear of losing the endorsement deal, he had to miss the first Valentine Day after his marriage and do this advertisement.

Imran seems to have been caught in two important issues this Valentine Day. But surely he is going to make it up for the lost occasion with his wife.

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