Indian Rupee movie review

Movie : Indian Rupee
Director : Ranjith
Music : Shahabaz Aman
Cast : Prithviraj, Thilakan, Rima Kallingal

No thrilling action sequences, candy floss romance or flexing of muscles here, even though the hero is a dreamy eyed youth with sky high dreams. Writer-director Ranjith narrates a highly realistic story of a small time real estate broker in Indian Rupee.

Jayaprakash or JP as he is known (Prithviraj), is not much educated but has big hopes about his future. He has started off as a sub agent in certain real estate transactions with some bigwigs and is slowly making his presence felt in the big bad world of realty business in Kozhikode. Hameed (Tini Tom) is his alter ego and the two tries to make some fast bucks as they help to sell the property owned by an old man named Achutha Menon (Thilakan).

Though the deal never happens, Achutha Menon becomes a part of their life and things start happening in a fantastic way for JP, soon after. He is in love with Beena (Rima Kallingal), a doctor, though her parents are not too keen about the alliance. JP manages to earn a decent fortune after some smart moves, but he learns some valuable lessons about the importance of money in life, in the process.

Ranjith once again proves why he is regarded as one of the finest filmmakers in the business, with a well written script and nice execution. Though he has adopted a conventional style to convey the plot, he has succeeded in making it look genuine. Even then some of the twists and turns in the story gives the feeling that the tactics are not so wily to the extent it has been presented.

The scenes involving Suresh Krishna and Kalpana are perhaps a bit over the top. The song sequence where some love birds keep swaying to a song with lighted candles in their hands, look out of sync as well.

S Kumar’s visuals are fine and Shahabaz Aman’s music is good in parts, though the background score could have been much better.

Things have not really been going hunky dory for Prithviraj for a while now and he is perhaps making a comeback of sorts, as JP in the film. This one is not about brawns and he has moulded himself for this rather deglamourized role with great earnestness and maturity.

But it is veteran actor Thilakan, who just steals the whole show with his brilliance. With his subtle mannerisms, dialogue delivery and amazing style, it is no surprise if his character haunts you long after the end credits start rolling.

Jagathy Sreekumar, as a wily moneybags named Pappachan, too does a splendid show. The rest of the cast that includes Rima Kallingal, Mallika, Tini Tom, Lalu Alex and Mamukkoya have done their parts very well.

Though it is a bit too melodramatic and even preachy at times, Indian Rupee is easily one of the finest films of the year. It has honesty written all over it and such efforts need to be seen and appreciated by the audience. Two big thumbs up for this one!

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