Oosaravelli movie review

Oosaravelli review

Movie : Oosaravelli
Director : Surender Reddy
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Cast : NTR, Tamannaah, Shyam, Payal Ghosh, Prakash Raj, Jayaprakash Reddy

Jr NTR, whose last outing Shakti bit the dust at the box office, is now back with vengeance with a curious title Oosaravelli.

After delivering the hit Kick in 2009, director Surender Reddy concentrated on Oosaravelli. Boasting of high production values and commercial strengths, the film got a frenzied release with Dasara festivity coming to a close. Let us see, what Oosaravelli holds for NTR fans in particular and the regular movie buffs in general.

Tony (NTR) is a ruthless gangster in Mumbai and is notorious for crimes for a pay. He lands in Hyderabad on a particular mission.

While moving on his risky jaunts in Pearl City, Tony meets Niharika (Tamannah). It is love at first sight for him, while Niharika reciprocates after a considerable drag. In Hyderabad, Tony joins hands with local don Sarkar (Jayaprakash Reddy).

As part of the mafia deals, Tony feels that his movements are being watched thoroughly by the dreaded underworld lord Azzhu Bhai (Prakash Raj). By the time, the mafia king reacts to the tantrums of Tony; the latter intensifies his “mission in suspense” and starts liquidating them one after the other in a gory fashion.

Why does Tony resort to a massacre in the underworld and how is Niharika connected to the tense drama? This forms the crux of the film.

NTR is cast in an altogether new look, away from his Nandamuri-brand paroxysms. In moments of sobriety, the actor looked at his best, raising the curiosity levels among the spectators. His dialogue delivery, dance sequences and stunts form the commercial strengths of the film.

Tamannaah is lucky to have a role with a strong attachment to the story, rather than serving as a mere glam doll. However, she is superb in song sequences.

Payal Ghosh has done justice to her role with the much required vigour. Prakash Raj handles his villainy with ease. Jayaprakash Reddy brings out some flashes of comedy with his jarring dialogues. Raghu Babu did a routine job as Chain Shiva. The talents of Shyam and Sayaji Shinde are wasted.

The story set in the backdrop of mafia comes as commonplace, but director Surender Reddy succeeded in pouring commercial strengths into the movie by way of chiseling the hero with suspense and jetting in some unexpected twists as the narration goes on. This helped in balancing the tedium factor in the theatres.

A major drawback is that comedy is sidelined and it just gets a non-serious treatment. Songs are a big plus point to the movie.

Devi Sri Prasad deserves kudos as the songs lingers in your ears even after leaving the theatres. Cinematography is excellent and the foreign locations are awesome.

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