Interview with Ajmal

Ajmal Ameer is an upcoming artist in the Malayalam and Tamil film industries. He studied medicine in Ukraine before he became an actor and has plans to open a hospital in the future. He is married and has one child, Aalin Zeyyan.

You started your career as a model. How did you switch to filmdom?
I started my career as a model for Kumaran silks. One day I met johny sagarika in the flight while travelling, he introduce me to director uday ananthan. Uday Ananthan who a role in “Pranayakaalam.” “Pranayakaalam” was a gateway for me to filmdom.

What is the major difference you have noticed between the two arenas?
Modelling is quite relaxing while acting is a performance of a part or role by portraying a character.

Tell us about your experience in your first film?
“Pranayakalam” was my first film and Uday Ananthan sir directed it. To work with him was a great experience. Actually “Pranayakaalam” is a simple love story, beautifully narrated and delicately handled by the writer as well as the director.

Tell us about your character in “Pranayakalam.” ?

My debut character comes is in the lead role of Renjith, while Vimala Raman is Mariya. The film tells about the twilight zone of morbid realities that lie underneath, which comes in the way of the love and fantasies of Renjith and Mariya.

You are doing the typical character of an angry young man with a new look in your first Tamil movie, ‘Anjathe’. How do you relate to the character?

Director Mishkin of ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi’ fame, and producer V. Ithesh Jabak, who produced ‘Nan Avanillai’ have joined hands to produce ‘Anjathe’.The film is a tale of two friends Sathya & Kiruba played by Narain and me, which defies plot synopsis with its many twists and turns where I played the role of an angry young man.This offer came to me through Raveendran master’s son.

You have done medicine in Russia. How do you justify your transformation – first to modelling, then to filmdom?
In Russia, while studying medicine, I used to do modelling as a hobby and for this purpose, I ‘ve travelled across Italy,Germany,Poland and Moscow.Gradually, I developed a genuine interest in fashion and decided to take up modelling as my career.

Which is the most memorable moment for you?
My first film.

What do you look at when you accept films?
Mainly I look at the script. If the story is good, I accept films both commercial and classical.

Which are your future projects at hand?
In Tamil I am busy with “TN 09 AL 4777”, directed by Lakshmikanthan. It is the remake of the Bollywood hit “Taxi No 9211” in which John Abraham plays the lead role. In Malayalam cinema, “Maadambi”,the much awaited film (recently released), I enact the role of Gopalakrishna Pillai’s (Mohanlal) younger brother Ramakrishnan.

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