Tamil Cinema Rendu
Cast :     Madhavan, Reema Sen, Anushka, Manivannan, Bhagyaraj, Vadivelu, Hari Raj
Story, Screenplay, Direction:     Sundar C
Music Director :     –
Producer :     Khushboo

Director Sundar C sure knows to work on a formula. He has been doing this for the last decade or so. In Rendu too, he has done just that. He has taken a patented MGR formula story and laced it with his typical humor. And for most part, it works.

s the title suggests, the movie is about two, who resemble each other. One goes on a revenge mode landing the other in soup. Madhavan plays a dual role in the company of Reema Sen and newcomer Anushka.

Sundar C has a nose for workable comedy and it shows through in the first half. With Vadivelu playing a magician in an exhibition assisted by his nephew Madhavan, it is humor all through.  Vadivelu and Sundar C combination again has uncorked another winner.

Madhavan plays the dual role well. After Thambi, Madhavan has succeeded in showcasing himself as an action hero. Reema Sen and Anushka fill the glamour quotient well. The latter has overtaken Reema Sen at several places.
The movie begins with Sakthi (Madhavan) coming in search of a job and stays with his uncle Karikalan (Vadivelu), a magician, in Chennai. Sakthi comes across Valli (Reema Sen), who earns her livelihood by doing a few tricks in the exhibition.After initial misunderstanding, they develop a liking for each other.
Meanwhile, a series of murders occurs in the State and the investigating officer (Bhagyaraj) unearths a striking similarity between the deaths and decides to nab the killer. Eventually, Sakthi is held responsible for the deaths and is locked in prison.
Enters Kannan (Madhavan). Claiming that he was the original killer, he helps Sakthi escape from prison. He narrates his story to Sakthi.
Kannan and his family members lived in Kumbakonam and his father was a marriage contractor.  During a wedding Kannan comes across Jothy (Anushka) and the inevitable romance happens. Meanwhile, a rich NRI with the connivance of the local bigwigs decide to usurp farming lands and set up factories in Kumbakonam. Anushka’s father stoutly resists the attempt. Enraged, he kills everyone in the marriage hall by setting it on fire.
Kannan escapes the mishap and vows to teach the evil men a lesson.
All boils down to climax, when both Sakthi and Kannan encounter the rich industrialist.

It’s Maddy all the way. Looks refreshing and does his dual role with panache. Reema Sen and Anushka do their parts well. They appear in a couple of songs each and ooze glamour wearing skimpy costumes.

The real scene-stealer is Vadivelu. Playing the magician, whose plans  backfire and is at the receiving end all the time, Vadivelu evokes good humour.

Also in the cast includes Manivannan, Santhanam, Bala Singh and Mayilsamy. Imman’s music is loud but for Kurai Ondrum Illai.

Stunts by Thalapathy Dinesh and cinematography by M Prasadh are all adequate.

Sundar C has dished out a commercial entertainer with enough masala to work in this winter season.

Rendu is a masala laugh riot.

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