Is Hari ready to direct Rajini soon?

The veteran filmmaker Hari has never looked himself to that many heights in his career after the release and big hit of ‘Samy’ in 2004. The director who is well known for making real action feast films has again come back with latest ‘Singam’ that has taken him to desirable heights and made him as the most wanted director in the industry now.

A great buzz is going on in the industry that the prestigious Sathya Movies has approached director Hari to make a film with none other than featuring the super star Rajinikanth in the lead and even Rajini showed positive sign for it. There are also rumors milling from long time that Sathya Movies are coming back with one of the remake of Rajini’s earlier. In recent times there is also some news that RM Veerapan is going to remake Rajini’s previous block buster ‘Basha’ soon with Rajini again.

If everything comes together, we are going to have great and interesting news soon. So, stay tuned for more buzzes shortly.

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