Is Mankatha release, a political issue?

Ajith’s eagerly awaited Mankatha is almost ready for release.

The biggest stumbling block to the film’s release is the belief among Kollywood trade that there would be ‘political pressure and speed breakers’ against the release of the film.

Mankatha is produced by Cloud Nine, a company belonging to Dhayanidhi Alagiri, the son of DMK strongman and Union Fertilizer Minister Alagiri.

Trade feels that with the change of guard at the state level and AIADMK ruling, it would be better to keep away from the film.

This has led to a situation where there is no buyer to distribute the film in Tamil Nadu, while other areas like Kerala, Karnataka and Overseas the deal has almost been finalised.

However TN forms 85 percent of Mankatha market and it would be commercially a risk to announce a release date without firming up theatres and distributors in the state.

Ajith one of the most loyal silent supporters of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa through thick and thin is keeping a low profile.

Recently a Tamil magazine asked Ajit why he has yet to meet the Chief Minister and congratulate her?

Ajith said in reply that he did not want to disturb the chief minister amidst her busy commitments and work. He also did not also want it to look like he was currying favour with her to ensure a smooth release for Mankatha.

It was the conditions prevailing in the industry a year back that made Ajith a Amma loyalist agree to do Mankatha produced by Dhyanidhi Alagiri. He is also the only actor who has never asked any favours from the AIADMK supremo.

The trade feels that only Ajith can bail out Mankatha and get a ‘safe release’ in Tamil Nadu.

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