“It’s high time I got married” – Rani Mukherjee

No doubt Rani Mukherjee, tinselville’s queen bee, has seen a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows in her career right from her debut film Salim Aftab’s Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat to her last release Yash Raj film’s Dil Bole Haddippa, after having overcome all the hazards and the hurdles of her personal life too. Needless to add that she has come out unscathed, but not unhurt! Yet one fails to notice any traceable scars of the same on her ever – smiling countenance. So full of beans and tinged with laughter, mademoiselle Rani Mukherjee just freaked out while dissecting her favourite past time, her leisure time queries endowed with her own brand of Bengali sense of humour. This correspondent caught up with the bong babe Rani Mukherjee in a surprise encounter.

Describe a typical leisure day in your over busy schedule and hectic life?
Believe me I make my family go bonkers on my typical leisure day. As I eat their brains more than my breakfast, lunch or dinner. I behave like a typical brat, making my mom go wild and wild, running around in circles with a stick in hand until she is totally exhausted. The poor lady tries her best to please me, but the prankster that I am, I literally make life hell for her and then of course I make up for my mischievous behaviour in the evening by doing everything for her that pleases her no end. And that is either by cooking her favourite dish of Maacher Jhol at home or taking her out for, believe it or fall dead, a candle light dinner for just the two of us.

What is your idea of unwinding, de-stressing and relaxing in your leisure time?
The word ‘relaxation’ is certainly not a part of my Bengali dictionary. You see I don’t believe in endorsing the Oxford dictionary. But jokes apart I am such a restless creature ‘Main ek minute ke liye bhi chain se nahin baith sakti hoon’. And you really want to know how I de-stress myself? Simple! By giving tension to others! As in this regard my formulaic belief is that ‘Tension lene ka nahin, tension dene ka kya!’ But yes when sometimes I really feel like unwinding myself then I definitely prefer going away on a long drive all alone or else I also prefer to hide myself in a solitary corner of a deserted beach or an unfrequented seaside.

Do you have any specific and a favourite place to hang out and spend time with your closest friends on a weekend?
Actually speaking I love going to pubs and discotheques with my friends on a weekend. No specific choice, Koi bhi chalta hai yaar! But more than that, we all have even greater fun in some or the other friend’s house by partying hard and letting our hair down or just by freaking out without a care in the world till the wee hours of the morning.

Are there any special interests that you pursue in your leisure time?
Can you beat it? I spend all my spare time in devising brand new strategies of playing pranks not only on my family members but also my co – stars, my unit hands, my friends and sometimes even my fans. I know I have to get serious in life someday, but ‘jaldi kya hai kabhie na kabhi ho jaaoongi serious yaar’.

Do you really feel like spending a lot of money on yourself in your leisure time? And then do you feel guilty later on thinking of the entire sum spent on pampering yourself?
Now this is one area where I am really serious as I just love to indulge in pampering, with gifts galore, not only for my kith and kin but also my entire khandaan, my friends, my co – stars but certainly not my fans. Come on be sensible how can I please and pamper millions and millions of them. ‘Mujhe apna diwala nikalna hai kya?’ So you see when I travel abroad I go with one suitcase and come back with the amount of luggage that the whole Indian army would fail to cart. And then would you please be kind enough to tell me why should I feel guilty about it? ‘Kyoonki whatever I earn, mujhe apni sasural mein thode hi le jana hai.’ Yet sometimes I become really sad because no one ever seriously thinks of pampering me yaar.

What do you like doing best in your leisure time and why? Does it mean just kicking off your shoes and relaxing or doing something more adventurous?
Have you gone mad! Why should I kick off my shoes? ‘Koi chura le jaayega toh! Okay! Okay! Jokes apart! In my leisure time I really love to help my mom that is after having totally harassed her. And I really became serious since my mother started taking my tips for my own bridal trousseau. Yeah! I think it’s high time I got married to a man of my choice and of course my best friend. No, I won’t tell you his name as yet but all of you can keep guessing. Anyway my mom is after my bridal preparation since I was that high. On the other hand I keep telling her that I would love to be adventurous. Yeah! I always tell her ‘Main sher ka shikar karna chahti hoon!’ But instead of being serious about it she just retorts, ‘Tu sher ka shikar kya karegi, sher tujhe hi kha jayega’.

What are the craziest things that you have ever done in your leisure time?
Now that was really crazy. I once went to a nearest cinema hall, clad in a burkhaa {a veil worn by Muslim women}, sat with the frontbenchers and scared the daylights out of them by unveiling myself during the intermission. Now it’s an altogether different story that I had to run for my own life once they had came out of their own dazedly shocking state.

And now finally tell us something more about your leisure time like how do you spend it while traveling abroad or within India?
I love travelling abroad. ‘Kya Karoon?’ All my directors normally picturise all my songs outside only. So do I have any choice left? But yes I do make it a point to travel within India too that is with my family sometimes mostly coinciding with my annual holiday or sometimes even to escape from the Moviedom’s humdrum routine. You know ‘Kabhie kabhie main in sabse bahut jyada bore ho jaati hoon’ just as I am bored right now by talking so much. ‘Magar kuch alag baatein hui, accha laga, okay bye! Ciao!

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