I’ve been supervising Akshay’s clothes, says Twinkle

If people are talking about Akshay Kumar’s more sophisticated clothes these days, it’s his wife Twinkle who is designing them.

‘As far as dressing up my husband is concerned, yes I’ve been supervising his clothes a bit more nowadays. Not that Akshay is a bad dresser on his own. But you know how guys are? Left to themselves they’d just put on a white shirt over black trousers. That’s playing it safe and knowing it always works. I’ve changed that,’ she said.

Twinkle has apparently decided to come out of the closet to take care of Akshay’s wardrobe. So far she was discreetly guiding her husband from behind the scenes, letting him into her special skills at colour co-ordination and mixing ‘n’ matching in fits and starts.

Close friends say this is a step away from Twinkle dressing up her husband on screen as well.

But she denied it saying: ‘No I’ve no such ambitions. I’m happy in my world with my husband and son (Aarav), happy to see him being the star. Happy building tables, chairs and watching homes come alive in front of me.’

Twinkle admits she has been dressing up her husband more adventurously lately.

‘Perhaps I am encouraging him to dress up more adventurously. Left to himself, he is not fashion conscious at all. It takes a woman to know what her man really looks good wearing.’

Incidentally, a clothes sense runs in Twinkle’s family. Her late aunt Simple Kapadia used to design clothes regularly.

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