Janet Jackson opens up to Oprah

LOS ANGELES: Pop Icon Janet Jackson will be the celebrity guest on ‘The Oprah Show’ very soon.

The well known singer and actress is on the show to promote her movie ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ — along with Tyler Perry. The American recording artist is one of the worlds’ most awarded artists — her records and achievements reflect her influence in shaping and redefining the scope of popular music.

Jackson opened up when questioned about her brother Michael’s death by candidly speaking that she was at her home in New York City when she received a call from her assistant relaying reports that her brother had fallen ill. After speaking with her sister Latoya and brother Jermaine, Janet learned that her brother had died.

“It’s hard to believe still to this day,” she said while holding back tears. “There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about him. Our whole family thinks of him every single day.”

Jackson said she has difficulty looking at pictures of Michael, so much so that she physically turns away whenever she sees videos or photographs of her brother. She can, however, view photos of Michael as a child, as it reminds her how much fun they had together in their youth.

The last time Jackson saw her brother was a month before his death, when it was apparent to the entire Jackson family that Michael was very ill.

Janet said she and her other family members staged an intervention for Michael, but the late pop sensation adamantly denied having any health issues. Perry took to Janet and her family’s defense, strongly emphasizing that the Jacksons did their very best to help Michael in the days, weeks and months prior to his death, Janet said, “He was so kind and everyone was so sweet. … He was by my side.”

In this very exclusive interview Janet, revealed that she is currently writing a self-esteem book titled ‘True to You’, there are also Dr Murray’s fondest memories of Michael and lots more, straight from the heart. Catch Janet Jackson on ‘The Oprah Show’ on BIG CBS LOVE on March 25 at 9 pm.

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