Rana begins ‘DMD’ promo

HYDERABAD: “It is a dramatic, suspense thriller that unfolds as the story of one character culminates with the story of another,” explains director Rohan Sippy, who was in the city with Hyderabad hottie Rana and Bipasha Basu to promote his latest flick ‘Dum Maaro Dum’. Based in Goa, the paradise (according to cast and crew), the story is about trying to clean the snakes out of ‘paradise’, metaphorical to the drug mafia in the film. Sippy wants to explicitly state that the story is purely fictional and has nothing to do with Goa or any other place for that matter.

“This movie is a fictional thriller and could be based in any other city but we chose Goa because it is visually stunning,” says Sippy, who is very thankful to his dad Ramesh Sippy for being such a prominent part much beyond a producer. “I can’t imagine working without my father,” adds the director.

Rana, who plays the role of a Goan musician in DMD said he had to go through a lot to transform his Hindi from Hyderabadi to Goan. He’s clearly done a great job since he chose to define his character in the film as ‘susegad’, which means ‘having a laid-back attitude’ in Goan.

“I had to not only get my Hindi right but also work at getting my body language to look convincing as a typical Goan musician,” explains Rana, who says that this was his first visit to Goa for work instead of a holiday.

When asked about his experience working with Bips and other co-stars in the film, the six-footer promptly replies, “Since everyone knew that I was new to Bollywood, they tried to make me comfortable – I was like a big baby on board who was completely taken care of.” Asked about how filmmaking in Bollywood different from the South, he said, “Well, the madness and chaos of making a film is exactly the same but I think the process of story-telling differs.” He also believes that the medium of film is essentially beyond the language barrier. Rana added that April was an important summer for him, since two of his movies will hit screens within a gap of one week “DMD is a new-age thriller, not a quintessential hero-heroine film. We hope it becomes a commercial success too,” added Sippy, Bips and Rana before signing off.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’ will hit the screens on April 22.

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