Jayam Ravi is on a break

Kollywood actor Jayam Ravi is out of work at present! No, it is not because his previous films had flopped and he isn’t getting any new offers.
He is on a break because he doesn’t have a moustache! Reports say that Jayam Ravi was asked to grow back the stubble on his face before he starts working in ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’.

Ameer, the director of the film, has said that he will resume shooting only after Jayam Ravi grows a moustache. Jayam Ravi had already completed some portions of the Ameer film, with a moustache.

But, there was a gap in the shooting schedule and Ravi had to complete some portions of Prabhu Deva’s new film ‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ and had to sport a clean-shaven look.
But now Ameer is not prepared to settle for a fake moustache. The next leg of the shooting was supposed to start in Mumbai but is now put on hold.

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