Jayasurya demands his due

Even after trying to give the maximum difference to his characters to  the Malayalee audience who wants change, Jayasuriya feels that he is not getting his due. The star who has proved himself to be a versatile one, playing the lead, villain, and supporting actor in simultaneous films observes that the viewers here are not giving him the right accolades and supports for the efforts that he is taking. The actor points out that if the success of ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Beautiful’ were in Tamil, the appreciations could have been much different. Jayasuriya who debuted as a comedy hero, now wishes to see himself in more serious roles, though even it be in the supporting cast.

Jayasuriya’s latest movies in the offer include the very diverse ones like ‘Pigman’ ArdhaNareeshwaran,’ ‘Paathiramanal’, ‘Husbands in  Goa’, ‘Evening Batch’, ‘Mayflower ‘ and ‘Vadhyar’.

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