John didn’t have issues with Pakhi

‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ has released and while John has come for all around appreciation from majority of critics who matter, the film’s leading lady Pakhi hasn’t been as fortunate. There have been a few scathing remarks that have come her way and while the leading lady is maintaining a dignified silence, there have been speculations around whether John was happy with Pakhi being his leading lady in the film.

“This is absolutely untrue,” says a source close to John, “Yes, in fact during the making of the film also there were news bytes floating around how John was apprehensive about Pakhi. However, there is no meat to this story. On the contrary in his interviews John had clarified this as well. He had mentioned that he was happy to be working with newcomers like Pakhi as well as established leading ladies in Bollywood. He is not the sorts who would throw any fuss around his leading ladies.”

John, who is unwilling to get into any further debate around the topic, maintains his stance, “I enjoyed working in the film as well with Pakhi. Everything else that you hear are just rumours and speculations.”

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