Jolie learned manners for ‘The Tourist’

LONDON: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie had to learn manners to play an elegant British woman in the new movie The Tourist.

Jolie will be seen as upper class lady Elise in the movie, which also stars Johnny Depp, reports

Asked if she took classes in preparation for the role, Jolie said: “In a fashion, yes. I’m not completely clumsy or gross, but there’s something about this type of woman that didn’t come naturally to me. She takes her time with everything. I’m an American! I do 10 things before breakfast.

“There wasn’t somebody you could call and say, ‘Come over and give me a class.’ But in a fashion, there was a way of studying certain things, reading about certain things. But it all added up to the same thing, which is, ‘She needs to speak more elegantly. She needs to sit with more poise,'” she added.

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