Jordan’s cruel sex taunts killing her marriage

London, (ANI): Kate Price a.k.a Jordan and Alex Reid’s troubled marriage is apparently getting even bitter because of the former glamour model’s cruel sex taunts. Alex, who is said to have a low sperm count because of his past use of bodybuilding drugs, has been trying to get his wife pregnant for more than a year.

But so far natural methods and IVF treatment have failed and Kate has mocked his efforts by buying a pair of French bull mastiffs as her “new babies”. She joked to pals that the dogs are substitutes for the children Alex have not been capable of giving her.

“It is a terrible put-down and Alex is cut up about it,” the Daily Star quoted a source close to the couple as saying. Above this, Kate has banned him from sex, saying: “My body needs a rest from everything, including you.” And pals say they have not had sex for some weeks.

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