July 4


Cast:    Dileep, Roma, Mangala,Siddique, Salim Kumar, Riaz Khan, Cochin Haneefa, Devan
Direction:    Joshi
Music:    Ouseppachan

While realeasing his new film, July 4, named after his lucky day, Dileep has realized that July 5th is also a lucky day. The movie which could not be released on his birthday has done good business even when it was released a day later. The implications of this are great for this means that Dileep’s movie for next year can be titled July 5th. In fact if this trend continues, he will realize that any day is a lucky day provided that movie has something interesting for the viewer. Since there are 365 days in a year, the titles of all possible Dileep movies are covered now. A much more difficult problem for next year would be finding a heroine younger than Roma.img295/7486/july1007071hb1.jpg

Reviewers asks us not to expect much comedy, which Dileep’s strength, in this movie,  as this is an action movie. They credit Joshy and script writers Sibi and Uday with an edge of the seat thriller.

Dileep as Gokul Das is good and he does justice to his role. Notebook fame Roma as Sreepriya renders able support. Siddique as Ramachandran suits his role perfectly well. Devan as Sreepriya’s father Viswanath is OK. Innocent as Narayanan Potti, Vijayaraghavan as Gopalan, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan as Sreepriya’s mother, Cochin Haneefa as driver Abu etc do justice to their roles. All the others too fit well into their respective roles.

The technical support too is good. The songs in the film though are not impressive. The only song that is good is “Oru vaakum mindaathe…” To sum up, July 4 is a film that is well-made, but it doesn’t impress us much, the main reason being that this is not what is expected out of a Dileep movie.img295/109/poster1jpgjy6.jpg People expect him to play a merry and lively character, and if that is done, they would be ready to accept action too from him. But here we have action and drama only, sans the usual Dileep kind of humour. And that does harm to the film. And similarly in the second half, matters seem to drag a bit. July 4 can be termed a well-made but average kind of film that won’t come close to being a must-see.

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