Cast:    Sudeep, Pooja Kanwal,
Direction:    Shivamani
Production:    R.S. Gowda


Sudeep has changed the track with ‘Tirupathi’ by moving away from soft romantic films. This film is an action revenge drama very much unlike his previous film ‘My Autograph’. He plays the role of a police officer for the first time in this film and he has carried it off quite well.

In the film, Tirupathi’s (Sudeep) hates his father Michael (Charanraj) besides three others, who has money and has strong influence in politics and judiciary. He wants to take revenge on his own father because he has tried to used his mother for getting promotion in his job. He kills his father’s boss for trying to molest his mother. Now, the rest of the film is on how the gritty mother brings her son up and how the son eliminates the bad guys.

Sudeep has done wonderful job in this film. He carries himself very well, be it his dialogues or his body language. Villains Charanraj and Rangayana Raghu have done justices to theirimg244/8389/thirupa0407062on1.jpg role but heroine Pooja Kanwal has nothing much to do. Rajesh Ramanathan’s music is not good enough but Mahendran’s camera work is commendable.

On the whole, director Shivamani has succeeded again with ‘Tirupathi’. You should not miss this film if you love action.

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