Kadaksham, the movie by the director Sasi Paravoor, is a differently approached movie but the experiment could have been done in some more modern way. It is implemented in a very traditional manner. The film has nothing very huge packing and ends up in a round way that makes it just an ok film.

Nathan ( Suresh Gopi) is a painter and lives with his wife Revathy ( Swetha Menon) , daughter and his father ( Vijayaraghavan ). Janaki ( Swetha Vijay ) is the maid of his house. Nathan and Revathy do not lead a happy family life but pretends so in front of others. Revathy always murmurs her lover’s name in her sleep that brings a drift in between the couples. Soon they find it very difficult to lead a happy family life. So, Revathy is away and comes once a while home. She is busy with her researches. Janaki is also suffering somewhat similar kind of situation. Her husband ( Jagathy )is a theatre artiste and is a drunkard. She has only one daughter, of whom she is always worried about. She has sent her to Bangalore to look after a kid there. Janaki looks after Nathan,s daughter very well and this gradually creates an attraction for Nathan towards Janaki.

Now this forms the background of the story. After that lies a twist at the end of the story that the film is all about. Till then it is very enjoyable to watch with some good and romantic emotions and which is similar to a middle class family. But at one point of time, the audience may feel something is lacking. Some links seems to be unmatched and the audience feels it difficult to tie up.

Suresh Gopi looks good in his brief role as a painter. Swetha Menon once again proved her acting caliber as a good performer. Shwetha Vijay looks impressive in the song
‘Prananathan…’ and also looks good on screen. On the technical aspects, Ramachandrababu’s camera is fine and M Jayachandran’s music is good.

It is not a comedy entertainer but a family movie with a real twist at the end. Quite a watchable movie.

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