Alexander The Great

After a powerful performance in Janakan, Mohanlal hit back the screen with his latest movie
Alexander The Great and it’s very sad and disappointing to find that the movie is a disappointing one. Directed by Murali Nagavally, the film bears an amateur script with a very common and old storyline.

Alexander The Great is inspired from the 1988 Hollywood movie Rain Man. Despite the script, the movie does not have anything much that catches the attention of the audience and is hardly interesting.

The movie has a storyline that tells about a family dispute over wealth. Prathapa Varma ( Saikumar ) is a rich businessman in Dubai. After his death his family came to know that the heir to all his wealth and fortunes was Alexander Varma ( Mohanlal ), who is his unlawful son. Reading Varma’s will all his family gets enraged and Varma’s son Manu ( Bala ) go in search of Alex to Mumbai. Alex at one sight is an ‘abnormal ‘person and behaves mostly like a kid. But he is a genius who can play with numbers. He is capable of by-hearting telephone numbers from a directory within hours and has an impeccable quizzing brain.

After some sequences in the movie that evokes laughs, Manu start liking his step brother Alex and takes him to his family. Starting was a bit tough but later on Alex becomes successful in winning the hearts of the family and handles the baddies that impress the family.

It’s a wonder that how can an actor like Mohanlal accept such a film! However he has showed similar mannerisms that of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. The role invested on Mohanlal has nothing to do much and to perform. The film has been shot in picturesque locales in Dubai and Mumbai, but that doesn’t help in making the film interesting and convincing as well.

Bala repeats his same kinda role performed earlier. Jagadeesh too shows nothing interesting and new. The rest of the characters have limited roles to play. D Kannan’s camera is fine and the music is okay. Though the story is lifted from a Hollywood flick, efforts are not made to make it more impressive and attractive. Director has ailed in his experiment.

The film has taken quite some time in its making and the final product looks totally a disaster! With no interesting storyline worth mentioning or some interesting moments that remains in the viewers’ minds after watching the film, Alexander the great is a confused film with no linking as well as sinking. An utter disappointing film!

Movie: Alexander The Great
Director: Murali Nagavally
Music: M G Sreekumar
Cast: Mohanlal, Bala, Sudha Chandran….

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