Director Ranjith
Producer Ranjith
Writer Ranjith
Cast :Mammootty, Khushboo, Mukesh, Nedumudi Venu, Mammu Koya, Narayanan Nair, Jaffer, Neena Kurup, Ayisha
Music: Manikanth
Lyrics: Shibu Chakravorthy

Ranjith’s Kaiyoppu revolves around the story of an orphan Balachandran (Mammootty). Balachandran, who hails from Nileswaram, works as a clerk in a fertilizer company. He is a voracious reader right from his childhood. He is a bachelor and lives in a run-down lodge in Calicut. Slowly and steadily, he develops interest in writing as well. His long suppressed feelings are penned down beautifully. As a person with a mind that observes and involves itself with each passing moment, he starts creating literary masterpieces. Some of his writings get published. However, he does not consider himself as a writer and writes sporadically, only when the urge comes on him. His intermittent writings slowly take shape as a novel. At a public meeting, a renowned literary critic, Vasudevan speaks about his unfinished novel. This induces Bala with a strong desire to finish his novel. Various publishers approach him for publishing his work. Suddenly, his mind becomes blank like the paper before him and he is caught in a writer’s block. Director Ranjith has beautifully shown the emotional conflicts a writer faces under such situations. What finally happens after Balachandran gets over the writer’s block is the real suspense of the film. As a kind-hearted man, he also helps the poor and the needy. The film takes a turning point when he decides to help a 12-year-old girl who is in need of financial assistance for her ailment. Khusboo plays the female lead. She plays the role of Padma, who had a bad marriage and then enters Balachandran’s life. The film does not have a single scene of Mammootty and Khushboo together; they interact only through the telephone with each other. Other cast includes Narayanan Nayar and Japhar Singh. This is Mammootty’s 300th film and has been shot in and around Calicut. This is a low-budget film without any commercial ingredients, including lyrics. It is a down to earth film


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