Yes your honour

img118/7425/yesyouroner1jpgje3.jpgSTARING: Sreenivasan, Padmapriya, Riaz Khan, Sreeraman, Innocent, Thilakan, Jagathy Sreekumar

MUSIC: Deepak Dev


PRODUCER: P V Gangadharan

Sreenivasan, who rose to great heights with his subtle but different acting talents, is back on the show.
After being with not so commendable roles in recent flicks like Prajapthi, Bhargavacharitham and Balram, Sreenivasan is back to his strengths in the latest flick in which he playing the lead Yes Your Honour. Those who love the satirical Sreeni films please don’t give this a miss, as here is your favorite actor in his all intensity.

Even with a film that mean pure business, the director V M Vinu has made a great transformation into a vibrant and intelligent director of the new millennium. Grihalekshmi productions will never be sorry with its twenty second venture which tells a story on the premises of court and its affairs. This light hearted comedy powered in scripts by T.Damodharan, will definitely be an earner, the protagonist of the film is advocate Ravishankar who is an idealist. He is practicing as the junior for the twelfth year to advocate Venugopal, who is known to go any extent for money. It was with the intention of doing service to society that Ravishankar studied law and enrolled in the bar council. But it didn’t took much time to realize that the judiciary has become a hotbed of corruption and that no moral values hold true in the profession which has become subservient to money and power.

Ravishankar, who stayed with his senior in the hope that someday he will be given an independent case, was more doing the household activities of the senior, including taking care of his dogs, than to attend the court. And one day, Venugopal handed over a case to Ravishankar. Overjoyed with the first case, he spends days on the case study, but on the day of the court appearance, Ravishankar recognizes that the case has been handed over to some other junior in the last minute. Not withstanding the humiliation he attacks his senior, who doesn’t consider him as a law graduate and throws his own gown into the sea.

But Padmapriya who plays the role of Maya, wife of Ravishankar and a vociferous supporter of women’s rights, instigates Ravi to start afresh and he then with the support of Judge Mukundan, starts his new life as a public prosecutor. He don’t want to go with the changing times and etiquettes of the profession and decides to become a crusader. The first case that came Ravishankar’s way was that of the murder of D.F.O Sarath Shetty, which makes a considerable difference in the life of the protagonist. He has to face a lot of opposition and threats on account of this case from the power elites like the former minister Issac Samuel and Musthafa.(as usual Saikumar and Ramu)

But he is not prepared to give up from his ideals and the repercussions of all this has on his profession and his family life. The film brings to front how a lone advocate fights over the big dons and brings them before law. Eventhough a Sreeni type run of the-mill formula film. Some real life incidents are weaved into a lightly narrated story Sreenivasan makes another memorable and brilliant performance as Advocate Ravishankar in the film. He superbly conveys the inner suffering and the outward anguish of a caseless lawyer.


He is particularly impressive in the sequences that show him silently breaking down into moments of tender vulnerability. The film also presents in prominent roles Saikumar, Jagathy Sreekumar and Sureshkrishna who are in their routine roles. The other prominent stars include Thilakan, Riyaz Khan, Raamu, Babu Nambioothiri, Ajith and Poornima. The film has two songs by Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma set to music by Deepak Dev.

The director in the second half has tried his best to jump over the patchy script which goes wayward and lose believability in the second half. Even the unwanted flashback in the second song meets with much yowl. The court scenes in the second half fall flat and melodramatic, and many may doubt, the crew has never made homework on how to recreate court proceedings. Even with this less mentioned flaws. It is admirable that the director keeps the movie well-grounded and down-to-earth, apart from a very few scenes like this.

Though the film had a shoestring budget, it does not show and the technical points are top class. The other highlights of the movie are the impressive work behind the camera by Shaji. Added to that is a cohesive editing by P.C.Mohanan, which really calls the mood of a racy movie. V.M. Vinu can be proud enough to present a film which is relatively honest to life than his previous ventures. And, best of all, it doesn’t hold back you from the capacity to accept and appreciate.

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