Kamal Haasan keen on Sonakshi Sinha?

MUMBAI: Sonakshi Sinha has been offered a trilingual film opposite Kamal Haasan, who is almost her father’s age! While Shatrughan Sinha has no objections to the unorthodox pairing, Sonakshi is not sure.

“I’ve got the offer. But I’m yet to hear the narration,” she says cautiously, buying time to wriggle out of what looks like a hugely awkward situation.

The 40-plus bracket of the male gaze has fallen on Sonakshi. After Salman in ‘Dabangg’, Akshay Kumar in ‘Joker’ and Shah Rukh Khan who’s enormously keen to be paired on screen with her in Yash Chopra’s next, we now hear of Kamal showing a keen interest in being paired with her!

Proud father Shatrughan happily admits to Sonakshi’s popularity. “Kamal Haasan is a fantastic actor. The film he wants to do with Sonakshi has fabulous roles for both of them,” says the protective father.

As for the age difference between Sonakshi and Kamal Haasan, he says, “Age differences ceased to matter in films long ago. We’ve had some beautiful films with the hero being much older than the heroine. So there’s no need for Sonakshi to feel awkward.”

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