Kamal Hassan gives title to RK

RK is a tight rope walker. He can handle many things at one time. While being a successful hotelier, RK is also steadily strengthening himself as an actor.

After ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’, RK is joining hands with hit director Shaji Kailash for another action film which is titled ‘Kadamai Kanniyam Kattuppadu’. This is the title of a 80s hit film starring Sathyaraj and produced by Kamal Haasan. RK has officially got the permission from Kama to use it again.

The new ‘Kadamai Kanniyam Kattuppadu’ is the remake of the 2004 Hindi film ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ that starred Nana Patekar and Revathi. The story revolves around an inspector in the Police Encounter Squad. The cop story will be a hit by virtue of its strengths.

Shaji Kailash will be directing the film which will have screenplay and dialogues written by ‘Pokkiri’ fame Prabhakar. Rajeev Krishna is the prowling villain and the son of veteran actor Thilakan is being introduced in this film as a police officer. Bombshell from Telugu, Madhurima is debuting as the heroine and Vivek is taking care of the comedy.

Meanwhile RK’s other films under production are also progressing swiftly. Bala’s film, ‘Avan Ivan’ in which RK plays a villain, and P. Vasu’s film ‘Pulivesham’ in which RK plays the hero are the next releases from RK camp.

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