Kamal talks of reviving Marudhanayagam with Rajinikanth!

A Mumbai tabloid has reported that Kamal Haasan is all set to revive his long forgotten magnum opus Marudhanayagam!

He has told the newspaper that he is going to revive the movie and there is a role for his friend Rajinikanth!

Marudhanayagam was launched in 1997 with a lot of fanfare but due to various reasons was shelved after a few days of shooting.

Now Kamal talks of reviving the film with a budget of around Rs 150 crore and will be made in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and English.

When asked whether there will be a role for Rajinikanth, Kamal is quoted as saying – “Yes there is a role that is ideal for him. We’ve done 10 films together in the beginning of our career, but none recently. No one has come up with a project worthy of us. It’s up to me to bell the cat.”

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