Kamal’s Maruthanayagam Start Soon

The dream project of Kamal Haasan ‘Maruthanayagam’ is on revival path. The movie still considered to become a milestone in Indian cinema when it finally sees the light of the day is a dream for many.

Kamal Haasan started shooting the movie some years ago. But the film was temporarily stopped as some section of the people protested the content and more due to the escalating cost of production. There was news about the reviving of the project at regular intervals but it wasn’t becoming a reality.

Now fresh hopes are floating as Aascar Films Ravichandran has taken up the responsibility of completing ‘Maruthanayagam’. Ravichandran was the producer of Kamal’s ‘Dasavatharam’ and it was said that the actor and producer fell out during the making of ‘Dasavatharam’.

Now all the differences have been mended and Aascar Films is going to present the ultimate ‘Maruthanayagam’. When sources contacted producer Ravichandran about the breaking news, the unassuming producer simply said that he has been discussing the film with Kamal Haasan and an official announcement will be made soon.

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