Kareena Kapoor clearly dismisses all pregnancy rumours

The media leaves no opportunity to flare up an issue beyond proportion. The recent talk of the town was a rather interesting remark which claimed that Kareena Kapoor was pregnant. In fact it got so fancy that media reports and several web portals started making a noise about the baby bump that Kareena Kapoor has. While many say there’s no smoke without fire, our media industry is full of hungry vultures and hence, unless the confirmation comes from the lady herself, we shall keep our lips sealed.

In Kareena’s support, a close source says that it is a plain rumour and bears no relevance with reality. Media still contests the statement by claiming that they had seen Kareena cover her baby bump at the airport with a shawl. Now when such acts catch the media’s eye, little is the scope for them to not go public. And yes, so we heard the buzzing sirens about Kareena’s pregnancy. Kareena seems to be well protected. Her close source spelled out clearly that the baseless rumours were making rounds only due to media encouragement but had no streak of truth in them. All the more she was surprised how the audience was buying this news since a pregnant Kareena couln’t have finalsied dates for shooting Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine! When the actress will have to stress it out for 30 days beginning from February 20, how could one acknowledge a spreading rumour of her pregnancy? Well not even the strongest lady could pull off a movie shoot with a popped out belly.

Well it is not just us who have been left amused. The surprise has even met Bebo who couldn’t believe how this news spread like wildfire with no substance in it. Actually the couple who has now been together for years now has finally started admitting to tying a knot soon and the overwhelmed media didn’t leave a single chance to spice up the romance. They elevated the pregnancy solely because the two are now set to become a wedded couple. And then how can our audience not participate in such an act. They followed it on even web portal possible to not leave out the tiniest bit of gossip.

Moving away from Kareena Kapoor and her pregnancy, let’s throw light on something that we are totally sure of. Yes, the lover birds want to settle now and they are certain about doing so. The duo has madly fallen in love with one another and they wish to get married right after the release of Saif’s home production Agent Vinod. The couple will once again be seen together onscreen and this puts a smile across all the fans that can’t wait to watch the movie and also to hear the final dates for the day that will seal the couple together forever. Well we have also heard that the bride to be couldn’t resist lacing some wedding orders and has called for a royal necklace that is worth a good Rs. 40 lakhs. She will adorn it on her wedding day and rest assured the bride will sparkle more than the necklace.

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