Karthi in new get-up

Karthi Sivakuamr will go for a get-up change in ‘Saguni’, his forthcoming film which will be directed by newcomer Sankar Dayal. “It will be a pleasant surprise to his fans,” sources say.

A satire, ‘Saguni’ is about a youngster who tries his best to reform the society. “Sankar Dayal wanted Karthi sport a new look and the actor was game for it. The output has satisfied everyone,” they add.

Saying that Karthi’s looks in the movie would remind young Sivakumar, sources further say: “A dedicated actor that he is, Karthi is doing a lot of homework these days to get his act right in Sakuni.”

Apparently confirming this, Karthi says, “I am not a method actor. But would try to give me best to the character I play. Thankfully I am getting opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

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