Katrina forgets mentioning Tees Maar Khan on receiving award for the film

Maybe it was the excitement of winning her first award. But in her thank-you speech on Thursday night after winning an award for Best Actor Popular Choice (whatever that means!) for her performances in Raajneeti and Tees Maar Khan at a recent award function, Katrina completely forgot to make any mention of Farah Khan.

Says a source close to Katrina, “Forget Farah. Katrina didn’t make any mention of Tees Maar Khan (TMK) at all! Though the award was for her two performances in Raajneeti and TMK, she only went on and on about Prakash Jha and Raajneeti. Farah, who was sitting in the audience and had won an award for ‘Munni Badnaam’, just looked on without any expression.”

According to a close friend of Katrina, it was a genuine oversight. “In all the hustle bustle of the announcement, Katrina only heard Raajneeti. She genuinely didn’t know she had received the award for TMK also. When she got off the stage and realized her faux pas, Katrina didn’t know where to look. She immediately SMS-ed Farah to apologize.”

A more plausible explanation is provided by another friend of the actress. “She had so prepared herself mentally to treat Raajneeti has her possible passport to recognition, it never struck her that she could get awarded for another performance. TMK just didn’t register.”

While Katrina was going blue in the face offering explanations, Farah Khan seemed perfectly nonchalant about Katrina’s slip-up. Says a source, “After Deepika Padukone and her attitude after Om Shanti Om, Katrina seems like a blessing. Farah is genuinely fond of Katrina and won’t let this incident spoil things between them.” The case rests, we guess.

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