Kazhugoo: The surprise winner

We all know that Kreshna’s Kazhugoo is creating wonders at the box office! The film, which has been in the making for a long time, has managed to impress the critics and audience alike. The film opened last week with 150 screens and now due to word-of-mouth publicity the screens had now increased to more than 250 screens.

Kazhugoo is the story of a group of guys who scour the steep valley at Suicide Point in Kodaikanal to find and retrieve the bodies of people who have committed suicide. In the film Kreshna plays the role of a guy who retrieves the dead bodies of people who have jumped off Suicide Point. Bindu Madhavi plays the character of a girl who works in a tea factory. Yuvanshakar Raja is the music director. The film is produced by Talking Times in association with Arun Films.

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