Kochi Film Festival: A treat for film buffs

KOCHI: Metro Film Society will hold a one-day film festival featuring a selection of films screened at the international film festivals in Goa and Thiruvananthapuram.

The festival, to be conducted in association with Kerala Chalachitra Academy, Kochi Corporation and C-Head, is from 10.30 am onwards on March 5 at the Town Hall. The films include ‘Kelin’, ‘Little Rose’ and ‘Night and Fog’. Two short films — ‘In Search of Narayani’ and ‘Pranayathil Oruval Vazhthappedum Vidham’ — will also be screened.

‘Kelin’ (The Daughter-in- Law) is from Kazakhstan. The film has no dialogues. Set in the untamed grassland of ancient Kazakhstan, Kelin narrates the tale of an arranged marriage after losing her true love. Two competing suitors fight for a beautiful bride and the wealthy one wins. Gradually, as the story unfolds, the beautiful bride is shown happy in her new home with her new love and new role until there is a drastic turn. The not- so-familiar rituals unify with the folkloric landscapes.

The film is a classic blend of love, lust, betrayal and revenge.

Set in Poland in 1968, ‘Little Rose’ is an autobiographical extract from the Polish author Pawel Jasienica’s experience.

The government of Poland started an anti-Semitic campaign due to Israel’s triumph over Egypt in the six-day war.

Rose, who works as a typist in a university, is used as a tool by her lover to trap Adam, a teacher in the same university.

Initially, Rose is happy in faking love and ambushing Adam.

Rose, Rozek and Adam form a brutal love triangle.

‘Night and Fog’ broods on the predicaments of domestic violence. The opening scene shows Lee Sum killing his wife and children before killing himself.

The rest of the film peeps into what went wrong in their marriage, how love transformed into hatred and what lead the protagonist to do such a disastrous deed.

‘In Search of Narayani’ is a journey in search of a literary character. It may look odd but here it becomes a fascinating foray into the inscrutable complexities of reality and fiction.

There’s history, personal experience, fiction, film and theatre — all related to Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s unforgettable character Narayani in his novella ‘Mathilukal’.

‘Pranayathil Oruval Vazhthappedum Vidham’ is about a man and woman who find each other on the internet.

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