‘Komarum Puli’ Title Change

The producers of ‘Komarum Puli’ have decided to change the title of their movie. The word ‘Komaram’ will be removed from the title and all the screens showing the movie will have only ‘Puli’ from tomorrow.

Producers Kanakarathna Movies have decided to remove the controversial ‘Komaram’ from the ‘Komaram Puli’ as it is the first name of Komaram Bheem, a revolutionary who fought for the Telangana tribal.

The change will come to effect immediately however the change will be visible only from the first show tomorrow.

Controversies and troubles have been following Kanakarathna Movies, producers of ‘Puli’ while making the movie and even after release. Kanakarathna Movies, forthcoming movie ‘Khaleja’ has also had some title problems. They would hope to breathe easy from now on.

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