Kudumbasree Travels

Movie : Kudumbasree Travels
Director : Kiran
Music : Biji Bal
Cast : Jayaram, Bhavana, Jagathy, Radhika

Debutant director Kiran’s Kudumbasree Travels is meant to be a fun ride from the word go. Well, there is a decent storyline and some twists which are intended to give it a serious look but the problem is that one can find only a few genuinely hilarious scenes in this comedy!

Aravindan (Jayaram) is a Chakyarkoothu artiste living in a remote village. His uncle, played by Jagathy Sreekumar, wants him to marry his daughter. But Aravindan is adamant that he would tie the knot only with a Nangiarkoothu artiste.

Finally, he finds the right match in Aswathy (Bhavana), who lives in a plush apartment in Kochi, but is very particular about the traditional values. Now, the groom and his party start their journey in an old bus called ‘Kudumbasree Travels’ to the city, for the wedding. Meanwhile a young girl (played by Radhika) becomes part of the journey, but she is there with a mission.

With a rather old fashioned storyline and presentation, the film has its ups and downs, just as in a roller coaster ride. Some of the characters, evidently included for some laughs, end up looking half-baked, contrived and boring. There are some scenes which could have been developed into nicer situations, but looks surprisingly dull.

Jayaram has nothing much to do in the whole film and he shines whenever given a chance. It is a pity that such a gifted mimicry artiste like Jayaram hasn’t been used well in this humorous film, though he is the hero. Bhavana too has nothing much to do other than to pose as a bridegroom, most of the time. The rest of the cast have done a decent job. The camera by Murali Raman and the music by Biji Bal are okay.

If your idea of entertainment is a mindless comedy, the kind which you see repeatedly on TV, Kudumbasree Travels could be a watchable fare at best. For the rest of you who are looking for some quality humour, this might not be for you. Now you decide to which category you belong to.

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